10-19 NOV 2023
15-28 JAN 2024

Body AI

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Film, Artificial Intelligence and Corporeality Workshop

While the dynamics of film production are primarily based on rational logics, technology makes other approaches possible, such as those that emphasize the body and vital rhythms as engines for research and creation.

This workshop aims to delve into a systematic process of working with images, placing emphasis on the body as the driving force behind the cinematic act. Through the exploration of body rhythms and movements, we seek their translation into the generation of images, audio and text for cinematic work. Additionally, we will put into practice other editing methods that do not rely on reason, such as sensory tests, circadian rhythms, fractals and editing with body transducers.


  • Reflect on the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence systems in image manipulation.
  • Learn the fundamentals of open-source code and Google Colab to execute image manipulation algorithms.
  • Experiment with the body as the driving force in film editing.

  • Saturday 18 November, 10 am to 7 pm
  • Sala Raval CCCB
  • €60 (€40 with Pro or Press Pass). Includes coffee breaks and lunch
  • 20 places available
  • Participants should bring a reasonably powerful computer and have access to a Gmail account
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Led by

Anna Giralt Gris
Anna Giralt Gris

Anna Giralt Gris is a filmmaker and researcher and cofounder of the film production company GusanoFilms and Artefacto centre for creation and research on cinema, politics and technology. She codirects the FEST section at +RAIN Film Festival, the first European film festival featuring films made with AI. She also coordinates the course “Film, Algorithms, and AI” at UAB and is an associate professor at UPF.

Jorge Caballero
Jorge Caballero

Jorge Caballero is a teleconnections engineer and audiovisual communicator. He has an MA in Interactive Media and is working on a PhD in Film and Artificial Intelligence and an MA in Data Science. His research measures impact metrics in film and explores cinema’s capacity to create prosocial behavioural changes. He has carried out several data studies on filmmaking. He is the cofounder of GusanoFilms and Artefacto production companies. He has directed Bagatela, Nacer, Paciente, Crónica o Dora and produced Del otro lado, El síndrome de los quietos, Robin Bank and TORO, among others. He coordinates the “Film, Algorithms and AI” course at the UAB.

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