10-19 NOV 2023
15-28 JAN 2024

'Negu hurbilak'. Concert by aadri

Special Events


Concert following screening of 'Negu hurbilak'

aadri’s been writing songs for some time: born in his head, they take shape in his computer and then find their way directly into people’s ears. With his gentle voice, catchy tunes and nostalgic lyrics with a cutting edge, he creates soundscapes shaped by that voice his way of thinking. His music opens the door to his inner world: the streets where he grew up, the stories and adventures they hide, the city of Barcelona, his friends, chances of love that weren’t to be, chances of love yet to come, the mysteries of life, night and day, darkness and light. The second a is silent.

  • Friday 17 November, 9.30 pm
  • Bar 78|33
  • Ticket for just concert: €10
  • Ticket for screening of 'Negu hurbilak' + concert: €10
  • Do the math...