10-19 NOV 2023
15-28 JAN 2024

Festival Podcasts Galore



Podcasts have become a key channel for communication offering endless possibilities for programmes unlikely to fit into conventional radio schedules, as well as quirky works of fiction and documentaries. Anyone from large corporations and institutions to humble citizens from the comfort of their own home can make a podcast, either on their own or as a community project: large corporations, institutions or anyone from the comfort of their own home.

They have also made their way to film festivals. In this panel discussion, we will hear from some of the players behind festival podcasts, communicators who found their voice in podcasts. With ears wide open, we will discuss how to talk about cinema in the age of social mediae will open our ears wide and discuss the paths of cinematic communication in the age of the immediacy of social networks.

This discussion will later be broadcast as an episode of the festival podcast, Radio l’Alternativa.

  • Tuesday 14 November, 7 pm
  • Hall CCCB
  • Places are limited
  • Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis


Marta Armengou
Marta Armengou

Marta Armengou has over 25 years’ experience in the cultural and film industry. For thirteen years, she presented the La cartellera on Betevé and is currently is the creator, scriptwriter and host of the Viatge a Júpiter Filmoteca de Catalunya podcast. She is a regular guest on several programmes, including La finestra indiscreta and the Ja m'entens podcast on Catalunya Ràdio.

Laura García Pérez
Laura García Pérez

Laura García Pérez (Valencia) studied journalism and photography and specialised in creative documentary filmmaking at ESCAC. Her debut feature, Soc filla de ma mare, is competing in l’Alternativa this year, after winning Best Documentary Feature and the DOCMA Prize at Alcances Documentary Film Festival in Cádiz and a Special Mention from the Òrbites Jury at Cinema Jove Film Festival in Valencia. She also presents the nonfiction film podcast Docs&Talks with Inés Calero.

Víctor Esquirol
Víctor Esquirol

Víctor Esquirol spent a whole decade reporting from the cutting edge of filmmaking in all possible formats and was a regular feature at Cannes, Venice, Berlin, San Sebastián, Sitges, Gijón, Seville and the like. He now sits on the Selection Committee for D’A and Sitges Film Festival, where is he also head of press and communication.