10-19 NOV 2023
15-28 JAN 2024


Cinema Pendent

© Artefacto / Atelier Barr

Six shortlisted projects by current or recently graduated film students will be selected for this initiative to further their development and give filmmakers’ careers a boost. They will be invited to take part in the Cinema Pendent advice sessions and will also attend an Extremlab residency in Extremadura, where they will participate in an intensive series of in-person workshops and tutorials that will then continue on line. The aim is to foster collaborations between creators, producers, financial backers and filmgoers by creating opportunities for network training, one-to-one meetings and professional development sessions organised by the film production company Novena Nube in order to equip filmmakers with the knowledge, expertise and confidence in networking required to forge a career in creative filmmaking and responsible, sustainable production. This is a unique opportunity for young filmmakers to gain unparalleled access to industry experts and learn vital lessons in the craft of filmmaking which they can then use to explore and develop their own projects to the full.

  • Tuesday 14 November, 7 pm to 8 pm
  • Aula 2 CCCB
  • Thursday 16 Novembre, 4 pm to 7 pm (one-to-one)
  • Sala Raval CCCB
  • Rest of the year at Extremlab - Badajoz and online
  • By appointment only
  • If you are interested in any projects and would like to schedule a meeting for 16 November, email us: [email protected]
In collaboration with
Extrem Lab 2