10-19 NOV 2023
15-28 JAN 2024

30 Years Panel: 3 Labs

EXP Cinema


Three Labs, Three Experiences, Myriad Perspectives

Three perspectives with a common thread: analogue cinema. Over sixty self-managed laboratories worldwide celebrate the materiality of filmmaking in multiple experiences interweaving space, the common good, community processes, teamwork and the exchange of knowledge and information. All illuminated by an outpouring of unique artistic and aesthetic means of expression.

Lichun Tseng from Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam, Joyce Lainé from L’Atelier MTK in Grenoble and Lucie Leszez from L'Abominable de París will share their perspectives with Gloria Vilches, coordinator of Xcèntric.

  • Thursday 16 November, 6 pm
  • Hall CCCB
  • Places are limited
  • Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis


Lichun Tseng (Filmwerkplaats)
Lichun Tseng (Filmwerkplaats)

Lichun Tseng from Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam, a film laboratory run by artists from WORM as workspace dedicated to analogue DIY aimed at artists interested in film as an expressive and physical medium. Filmwerkplaats is part of a broader network of artist-run laboratories in Europe and serves as a hub for new experiments and discussions about film creation. Their year-round screening program covers a wide range of topics and features work by members and invited filmmakers. Keen to exploit the medium to the full, they seek to explore the potential of film as a performative and tactile material.

Joyce Lainé (L’Atelier MTK)
Joyce Lainé (L’Atelier MTK)

Joyce Lainé from L'Atelier MTK in Grenoble. Founded in 1992 by a group of filmmakers as a DIY 16 mm film lab to promote training and artistic development within the context of analogue filmmaking, with a particular interest in auteur work throughout the entire process (camera, printing, film development, editing, sound and projection) as key parts of the creative adventure.

Lucie Leszez (L’Abominable)
Lucie Leszez (L’Abominable)

Lucie Leszez from L'Abominable, an artist-run film lab near Paris set up in 1996. This well-equipped lab covers all processes and formats within the context of analogue cinema. With a sharp focus on self-management of the space by artists, it puts the creative process to let work expand freely throughout the space.


Gloria Vilches
Gloria Vilches

Gloria Vilches has a PhD in audiovisual communication from the University of Valencia, where she also taught film and communication classes. Her doctoral thesis dealt with issues of representation of gender and ethnicity based on the study of versions of the myth of Carmen, stereotype of a fatal woman, in Hollywood between 1915 and 1954. She is also the author of an investigation entitled "Contemporary uses, styles and formats of  audiovisual appropriation" in Spain, awarded by the Montehermoso Cultural Centre in Vitoria. Between 2008 and 2009, she coordinated the travelling film series Del éxtasis al arrebato. 50 años del otro cine español (CCCB), as well as the DVD edition of its catalogue(CAMEO). Since 2009 she has coordinated Xcèntric, the CCCB's experimental film programme, together with other audiovisual projects at the centre. She regularly teaches found-footage classes as a visiting lecturer for master's and postgraduate degrees, while also creating her work work in collage and Super 8.

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