11-17 NOV. 2019

Urpean lurra


Almost two decades ago, seven towns and three nature reserves on the Pyrenean hills in Navarra were flooded to build the Itoiz dam. The group of ecologists Solidari@s con Itoiz videoed the protests against the project. Today, those who fought to stop the dam still dream of the land that vanished beneath its waters. Their intertwined voices and actions express the widespread individual and collective sense of grief still keenly felt today.


Maddi Barber (Lakabe, 1998) studied audiovisual communication and took a Master’s Degree in Visual Anthropology at Manchester University. In 2018 she teamed up with Christopher Murray and Charlotte Hoskins to direct Yours Truly, premiered at Punto de Vista Festival. Her film 592 metroz goiti (2018) premiered at Visions du Reél and was also screened at the San Sebastián Film Festival, among others. She is currently making Rojo thanks to the X-FILMS project she won at Punto de Vista Festival in 2019.