11-17 NOV. 2019

EXPerimental and EXPanded Cinema

A whole evening in Hall given over to the weird and wonderful world of celluloid, with a series of films and performances exploring its creative and radical potential.

EXPerimental Cinema 12/11 (75’) - 6.30 pm

A programme of experimental pieces that will take you to places you never knew existed, frame by tantalising frame.

EXPanded Cinema 1 12/11 (40’) - 7.45 pm

EXPanded Cinema 1

Paracronismos II. Sombras proyectadas sobre el tiempo lineal, by Valentina Alvarado Matos and Carlos Vásquez Méndez

This second part of Paracronismos takes a positivist journey through geological and industrial landscapes, exploring the nature–culture duality thrown up by science, extractivism and domination.

Live soundtrack with small modular synthesisers.

EXPanded Cinema 2 12/11 (30’) - 8.30 pm

EXPanded Cinema 2

Renaixença, by Eduardo Filippi

At once a multifaceted portrait of Modernisme to thrill the senses and an exposé of the slave-based economy that built it. If you look closely enough, the long shadows cast by a country’s colonial past can still be seen today.

With live music by Opoku.

EXPanded Cinema 3 12/11 (30’) - 9.15 pm

EXPanded Cinema 3

Desde el subtierro, by Adriana Vila Guevara (work in progress)

A vibrant, multivoiced cry that breaks through the cracks in a country’s collective silence. Scoured by a camera lens and captured on 16 mm film, seemingly bare surfaces all across Spain reveal the deep gashes rent in landscape and history by the Spanish Civil War.

With music by Alfredo Costa Monteiro.
This film is based on, and inspired by, Jorge Moreno Andrés’s ethnographic research work.