11-17 NOV. 2019


Invites. Session 1 15/11 (75’) - 9 pm

Invites. Session 1

La Selva. Creative Ecosystem: Fenómenos de MARTE-L

In June, Lucrecia Martel led the 2019 Film Accelerator: Sounds of Summer creative gathering organised by La Selva, where she guided 45 filmmakers from 18 different countries as they worked together to make a group film. She set out the rules of a real/fantasy world of flaws and phenomena inspired by the Strugatsky brothers’ novel Roadside Picnic, which Andrei Tarkovsky loosely adapted as the film Stalker. In this session we shall have the first opportunity to see some of the scenes from the group film at the editing stage.

Invites. Session 2 16/11 (105’) - 7.15 pm

Invites. Session 2

interfilm Berlin: Wall Flowers: Five Shorts about Life with the Wall

The Berlin Wall marked the deadly borderline that cut across the city for 28 years, symbolising the division of Germany. To tie in with this year's parallel section on the Berlin Wall, this session, entitled Wall Flowers, presents five very different award-winning short films about life in East Germany, with all its restrictions and state surveillance. Many of the films explore ideas of power and powerlessness among citizens and the Stasi alike.

Since 1999, short film distributor interfilm has built up a catalogue comprising some 350 award-winning films reflecting the wide scope of German and international short filmmaking, ranging from live action to animation and documentary. Besides selling individual shorts to be screened alongside features, interfilm also offers a diverse selection of thematically compiled short film programmes.

In collaboration with
La Selva
interfilm Berlin