11-17 NOV. 2019


Exploitation and Trafficking of Migrants in 21st-Century Europe

Following on from where we left off in Hall Focus 2017, this year’s focus is on modern slavery and other situations where migrants in Europe are denied their basic rights as a result of immigration laws and institutionalised racism.

Human trafficking for the purpose of exploitation is slavery here and now. Millions of people—80% of them women and children—are victims of the third most profitable business for organised crime, after arms and drug trafficking. In Spain, human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is closely linked to immigration.

Other at-risk groups of people include domestic workers, day labourers in the agro-food industry and, more recently, workers in the gig economy. This is not a problem affecting far-away countries and people of whom we know nothing: we can find 21st-century slaves much closer to home, in the streets and homes of our cities, in the fields of the town down the road…

Focus. Session 1 14/11 (45’) - 5.30 pm

Focus. Session 2 14/11 (90’) - 6.15 pm

Focus. Session 3 14/11 (75’) - 7.45 pm

Focus. Session 4 14/11 (60’) - 9 pm

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