11-17 NOV. 2019

Jean-Gabriel Périot

!Jean-Gabriel Périot (Bellac, 1974) has made and edited numerous films in a wide range of different formats and fields, including features, shorts, documentaries and fiction films. Given his keen interest in the links between memories and images, though, he is best known for his work with archive material. Driven by an irrepressible urge to experiment with what he unearths, he deconstructs official archives, rethinks the construction of history and explores issues of memory and society.

Every film is conceived as a commemoration, motivated by the need to pay tribute both to the dead and to those who survived.

— Jean-Gabriel Péirot

L’Alternativa has been screening films by Jean-Gabriel Péirot for many years, including 21.04.02 (2002), We Are Winning Don’t Forget (2004), Eût-elle été criminelle (2006), Nijuman no borei (2007, l’Alternativa Award 2007), L’Art délicat de la matraque (2009), The Devil (2012) and We Are Become Death (2014). His first feature, Une jeunesse allemande, won the Critics Award at l’Alternativa 2015. His third feature, Nos défaites, premiered at the 2019 Berlinale and won the CICAE Art Cinema Award.

In addition to screening a selection of his short and feature films, this spotlight on Jean-Gabriel Périot will also include an advance screening of his latest feature, Nos défaites, before its official release in Spain.

Update: Nos défaites went on to win the International Feature Film Prize in l’Alternativa Official.

Jean-Gabriel Péirot’s extensive experience as a filmmaker and teacher has given him a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he will be sharing with students, professionals and festivalgoers at two masterclasses at l’Alternativa this year.

We have prepared a little appetiser to whet your appetite.

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