11-17 NOV. 2019

Little Experiments

Little Experiments

L’Alternativa and El Meu Primer Festival are teaming up once again to curate events at both festivals, including two very special sessions for young children, together with an educational children’s workshop on Discovering Shadow Play and the group filmmaking project Let’s Make a Movie with Bombeto, the seventh consecutive edition to be held at both festivals.

Little Experimentations 16/11 - noon

  1. 12 short films, 47 min in total
  2. Ages 5 and up

Animated drawings, stop motion animation with light boxes, cut-outs, 3D animation: you can use just about anything to made a film from scratch to tell an exciting story, a thrilling adventure, a magical encounter or a metaphor for life on earth. So here is this year’s selection of video clips and short films: a fresh batch of great little experiments.

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Russian Roller Coaster 17/11 - noon

  1. 8 short films, 56 min in total
  2. Ages 6 and up

A selection of humorous, sensitive, tender and highly creative animated films from Russia to whet children’s artistic appetite and take them on a thrilling ride they’ll never forget!

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In collaboration with
El Meu Primer Festival