11-17 NOV. 2019
10th Symposium

Beyond the Green Shooting Card

This symposium aims to explore what measures the filmmaking and audiovisual industry might take to reduce its ecological footprint. We shall consider the impact of different production processes and screening options, including cinemas and festivals, as well as the role played by institutions. We shall also analyse the criteria for creating sustainable filmmaking and examine what steps we should be taking if we want to be coherent with the values we want our films to convey.

Aimed at audiovisual professionals in particular and cultural stakeholders in general (including producers, performers, filmmakers, programmers, critics, buyers, exhibitors, teachers, curators, researchers, cultural managers, journalists, PhD students, among others).

A video of the session is available on l’Alternativa’s YouTube channel.


  • Friday 15 November,
    9.45 am to 1.45 pm
  • Theatre, CCCB
  • Admission with accreditation or by invitation
  • In Spanish, Catalan and English
  • Simultaneous interpretation available (hearing aid users should address any queries to [email protected])

9.45 am Welcome by ICEC and l’Alternativa Professionals

10.00 am The Ecological Impact of the Digital Environment

Joana Moll
Joana Moll

Joana Moll is an artist and researcher. Her work critically explores the way post-capitalist narratives affect the alphabetisation of machines, humans and ecosystems. Her main research topics include internet materiality, surveillance, social profiling and interfaces. She has lectured, performed and exhibited her work in different museums, art centres, universities, festivals and publications around the world.

10.25 h Economising Resources: From Preproduction to Exhibition

Birgit Heidsiek
Birgit Heidsiek

Birgit Heidsiek is editor-in-chief at Green Film Shooting magazine and its sister website (launched in 2012), which are devoted to sustainability in film and media. She has worked in the film industry as a researcher and journalist for more than thirty years. Birgit is also the author of Das grüne Kinohandbuch (Green Cinema Handbook), published by the FFA (German Federal Film Fund). As an FFA consultant, she runs the www.grüneskino.de website and advises exhibitors on the sustainable operation of cinemas.

During her talk, Birgit will hold a video conference with:

Luca Ferrario, director of the Trentino Film Fund and Commission
Pedro Barbadillo, director of the Mallorca Film Fund and Commission

11.50 am Coffee break

12.10 pm Analysis of Criteria for Sustainable Filmmaking

Jaime Alejandre
Jaime Alejandre

Jaime Alejandre is deputy director general for Promotion and International Relations at the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA). He was previously secretary general at the National Authority for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons at the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, director general for Quality and Environmental Assessment at the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and vice-president of the European Environment Agency.

12.30 pm Reflection, Debate and Examples of Good Practice

Moderated by: Birgit Heidsiek

Offering a film commission perspective
Carlota Guerrero
Carlota Guerrero

Carlota Guerrero is head of the Catalunya Film Commission, a public service run by the Catalan government (Instituto Catalán de las Empresas Culturales) for the benefit of the audiovisual industry.

Offering an institutional perspective
Jaime Alejandre
Jaime Alejandre

Jaime Alejandre is deputy director general for Promotion and International Relations at the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA).

Offering a festival perspective
Eva Morsch
Eva Morsch

Eva Morsch is coordinator of programming at the Toulouse Cinelatino Festival, where she also coordinates professional meetings on the Cine en Construcción platform. She is also secretary general of CICAE.

Offering a distribution perspective
Suzanne Harle
Suzanne Harle

Suzanne Harle is founder of Green Planet Films, which distributes films on nature and the environment and champions the role of filmmaking in environmental education and raising awareness of green issues.

Offering a production perspective
Valérie Delpierre
Valérie Delpierre

Valérie Delpierre is founder of Inicia Films, an independent production company that produces documentaries, and short and feature-length fiction films. She is president of the Associació de Productors de Documentals, PRO-DOCS.

Offering a creative perspective
Juan Palacios
Juan Palacios

Juan Palacios graduated in environmental sciences and audiovisual communication. He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Artistic Research in and through Cinema at the Netherlands Film Academy. His second feature, Meseta, is being screened at l’Alternativa this year.

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