11-17 NOV. 2019

Participatory Cinema

Participatory Cinema: Collective Creation

Initiatives that work with audiovisual education and training as a tool for knowledge, reflection and criticism. We will present and screen two participatory cinema and video projects made in different contexts from different perspectives. In collaboration with l’Alternativa Professionals.

Participatory. Session 1 15/11 (30’) - 4.30 pm

Corporación El Movimiento

How do deaf people hear the dialogue in a film scene? How do blind people watch films? Corporación El Movimiento works to promote sign language and audio description as a means of ensuring that deaf and blind people have access to cinema and culture. It runs training programmes to equip participants with the necessary filmmaking skills for them to star in their own stories and play the roles they are drawn to.

Presented by Jacqueline Gómez, who is also taking part in the Professional Symposium: Participatory Video as an Artistic Tool.

Participatory. Session 2 15/11 (45’) - 8.15 pm

Crea Cambio

Students and leaders at the Learning by Helping social innovation lab teamed up with the Servei Solidari foundation to combat the stigma faced by the community of young people who have been in the care of social services up until the age of 18. Crea Cambio was set up as a platform to equip these young people with a range of communicative skills for them to tell their own stories. Presented by the Learning by Helping team and several members of Crea Cambio.

Participatory. Session 3 16/11 (60’) - 6.15 pm

Pilar Arcila

Pilar Arcila (Marseille, France) is a photographer, filmmaker and film editor and programmer. Since 2002 she has run photography and film art workshops for adults and children. A number of her films have been screened at l’Alternativa over the years. Since 2015 she has organised group creative projects with the inmates at a psychiatric hospital in Marseille. She is currently working on her first feature-length documentary, with gypsy families living on the outskirts of Marseille. In 2010, together with Jean-Marc Lamoure, she set up Ab Joy Productions.

Pilar Arcila is also taking part in the Professional Symposium: Participatory Video as an Artistic Tool.

In collaboration with
El Movimiento Corporación
Learning by Helping