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Anne-Marie Miéville

Mon Cher Sujet

Anne-Marie Miéville's trajectory is the infinite attempt to embody the difficulties and contradictions, struggles, hopes and responsibilities of women in their public and private lives, from childhood to the grave. Daring to take their entire place in the elaboration, conduct and diction of language and thought; aiming at a self-accomplishment in creative work, opus and person; in the face of solitude and poverty, transforming their traditional relegations to silence, oblation or compassion into talking obstinacies of meaning, truth and emotion; conjugating images, texts and musics by listening to and regarding the world's objects and bodies wrested from the temptation of their vanities. Requiring love despite the perplexities, hesitations, disillusions and failures, living their radical determination beside men.

Maurice Darmon (Author of works on
Jean-Luc Godard, John Cassavetes and Frederick Wiseman)


Anne-Marie Miéville (Lausanne, 1945) is a photographer, filmmaker, actor and screenwriter. In 1970 she joined the Dziga Vertov Group as a photographer, and so began an extremely prolific collaborative career with Jean-Luc Godard. They have produced numerous films and television programmes together. Since 1983, Miéville has also written and directed a number of her own films, including three shorts and four feature films.

Main films

  1. Ici et ailleurs 1976 (codirector)
  2. Papa comme maman 1977
  3. Prénom Carmen 1983 (screenplay)
  4. How Can I Love (a Man When I Know He Don't Want Me) 1983
  5. Le Livre de Marie 1984
  6. Je vous salue, Marie 1985 (editing)
  7. Faire la fête 1986
  8. Mon cher sujet 1988
  9. Lou n'a pas dit non 1994
  10. Nous sommes tous encore ici 1997
  11. Après la réconciliation 2000
  12. Four Short Films (De l'origine du XXIe siècle / The Old Place / Liberté et patrie / Je vous salue, Sarajevo) 2006 (codirector)
  13. Souvenir d'utopie 2006

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