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Small Experiments

My Mom is an Airplane

L’Alternativa and El Meu Primer Festival are teaming up once again this year to curate events at both festivals: two very special sessions for young children, a workshop on film and music and the group creative filmmaking project Filming Barcelona, which will be held for the second consecutive year at both festivals.

Small Musical Experiments session (for children aged 5 and upwards)

Saturday 22 November, noon, CCCB Theatre, 45 min

Carefully selected short films from all over the world that make creative use of different techniques to play with music: synchronising images and rhythms, showing us the colours of a song, travelling in time and space, and turning musical instruments into living, breathing characters. A finely tuned session bursting with creativity and talent that will take us on a journey through jazz, classical, pop and electronic music. Presented by: Josep Maria Baldomà, musician and composer.

Great Masters of Animation:
Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (for children aged 7 and upwards)

Sunday 23 November, 11.30 am, CCCB Theatre, 124 min

Great Masters of Animation aims to introduce children to great animated films. This year we’re presenting Spirited Away, a captivating film that takes spectators on a beautiful, mysterious journey into a thrilling imaginary world. This jewel of Japanese animation is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s most highly acclaimed films. A huge hit worldwide, it won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature and is the only animated film to have won a Golden Bear at the Berlinale.

L’Alternativa Activities also includes two family events: Listening to Film workshop and the Filming Barcelona workshop.

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