18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

Acció Cinema: Morals, Intimacy, Safety and Respect

Professional Activities


Roundtable, Debate and Screening

This roundtable and debate will explore the issue of creating safe spaces when making a film and ensuring no harm comes to anyone involved in the filmmaking process. We shall also discuss how to forge ties between filmmakers and NGOs, collectives, associations and institutions at all stages of development in a film project, as well as ensuring respect is first and foremost when shooting scenes of an intimate nature.

We shall also try to answers questions such as how to approach conflictive stories that deal with vulnerable people, where to draw boundaries when it comes to our characters’ intimacy and how best to tackle the complex range of people’s different experiences and sensibilities.


4 to 6 pm. Roundtable and debate

6 to 6.20 pm. Acció Cinema Balance Sheet and Presentation of Maldita

6.20 to 7 pm. Screening of Maldita

  • Wednesday 23 November, 4 to 7 pm
  • Hall CCCB
  • Aimed at screenwriters, directors, producers and social work professionals
  • Free admission for accredited professionals
  • SDE by invitation
  • General admission: €10
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Lola Clavo
Lola Clavo

Lola Clavo is a filmmaker and intimacy coordinator. Her work has a strong social component and questions gender roles, the representation of the body, femininity and sexuality.

Marina Gatell
Marina Gatell

Marina Gatell is an actor and film director.She uses filmmaking to push for change and as an active tool in education. She wrote her debut film, Kids of Kibera and the Kidnapped Sun, under the supervision of the Kings and Queens of Kibera Foundation.

Pablo García
Pablo García

Pablo García directs and produces documentaries. He is an expert in international conflict prevention and specialises in investigative journalism, armed conflicts and organised crime. He currently works as a freelancer producing content in various formats for production companies in Spain and Latin America.

Alex Pachón
Alex Pachón

Alex Pachón is a filmmaker and audiovisual creator. He combines his artistic projects with work in the field of visual effects and animation as an art director and digital artist for film, television, performing arts and events in his creative studio. He also creates awareness-raising campaigns for NGOs with the focus on respecting people’s rights.


Aina Troncoso
Aina Troncoso

Aina Troncoso is a psychologist and educator who specialises in gender-based violence, sexual diversity and gender dysphoria. Her professional career has focused on assisting people who have suffered abuse, harassment or violence. She is currently the lead consultant for the Catalan Film Academy’s Department against Abuse in the Audiovisual Sector and the Performing Arts.

Screening of Maldita 6.20 to 7 pm

In collaboration with
Acció Cinema
Generalitat de Catalunya
Catalunya Film Festivals CFF
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