18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

She Shoots



Filmmaking remains a male-dominated art and industry, and women still have to strive to get ahead both in front of and behind the camera. Taking our cue from the She Cuts parallel section at l’Alternativa 2018, this year we are showcasing women cinematographers whose keen eye helps shape the visions of the world we see on our screens.

Cinematographers, or directors of photography, play a key role in making a film, since they determine how a creative vision takes shape and which aesthetic and visual sensations to bring to the fore, while weaving a rich web of relationships not only between the on-screen characters but also with the viewing audience. This year’s parallel section aims to raise the profile of talented women working as directors of photography both in Spain and further afield, striking examples of team leaders with remarkable striking creative and technical skills.

Programmed in conjunction with the Filmoteca de Catalunya, this section comprises three international feature films shot by cinematographers Claire Mathon, Agnès Godard and Hélène Louvart, and three short films shot by cinematographers from Spain, or with close ties to Spain: Neus Ollé, Daniela Cajías and Lara Vilanova.

This programme of films ties in with the Ways of Looking panel discussion featuring the three directors of photography from Spain or with close ties to Spain.

In collaboration with
Filmoteca de Catalunya