18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022



Fancy working as a volunteer at the 29th l'Alternativa?

Once again we’re calling for volunteers to work at the very heart and soul of l’Alternativa.

None of the previous 28 editions would have been possible without our team of keen, committed volunteers. Thanks to their enthusiastic hard work, we’ve been able to return every November to bring innovative filmmaking to Barcelona.

As a volunteer, you’ll get a unique insight into the workings of a living, breathing film festival. For a few short days, you’ll can catch screenings, help out at activities and, above all, form part of a team at a creative audiovisual event.

  • Certificate detailing volunteers’ role at the festival
  • Bar vouchers for volunteers covering evening turns
  • Access to screenings at the CCCB

  • Accreditation
    Attend to accredited filmmaking professionals and guests at various information stands.
  • Information and assistance
    Offer information and assistance to members of the public at various information stands.
  • Activities
  • Attend to participants at masterclasses, seminars and professional activities.
  • Box office
    Sell tickets, provide general information, deal with queries and take a firm hand to disorderly queues.
  • Entrance to screenings
    Attend to members of the public and guests before, during and after screenings at various venues. Ensure reserved seats are correctly occupied, provide information, hand out and gather in voting slips, check tickets and restrict access once screenings have started.
  • Press
    Offer assistance to the press team, attend to journalists and photographers, provide information to the media and offer backup at press conferences.
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