18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

طريق الغربة



A group of immigrants living in Barcelona and Canet de Mar get together to tell their life stories on film, in their own voices and drawing on their own experiences and resources. Their mission: to be heard and to leave an account of their lives on their own YouTube channel. After playing the main roles in Andrés Duque’s film Monte Tropic, Ayoub El Mernissi and Oussama Kacimi decided to embark on their own adventure in images, driven by the desire to chronicle their life experiences and memories for future generations, for migrants and nonmigrants alike.


Ayoub El Mernissi is a 24-year-old Moroccan who has lived in Catalonia for five years. His debut film draws on his own personal experiences—his bleak future in Morocco, his hazardous journey to Europe, his trials and tribulations in Barcelona, his separation from friends and family, his attempts to connect with locals who have no idea of what he has been through—enriched with insights into his personal growth as he overcame the obstacles in his path.