18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

Andrés Duque Masterclass



Immigrant Aesthetics

Andrés Duque looks through his films to explore the notion of an immigrant filmmaker, a problematic figure even today. What happens when directors create films in a new country they have made their own? What prejudices and obstacles do they face? Why are certain filmmakers still labelled as “foreign” in Spanish and Catalan cultural frameworks, for example? As a Venezuelan-born, Spanish-based director, Andrés Duque will try to tease out answers to questions such as these that have intrigued him all his life. By sharing his own experience and examining his working methods and findings, he will follow two threads running through the idea of immigrant aesthetics: freedom and a rebellious streak.

This masterclass ties in with the parallel section Satellites: Andrés Duque, featuring his latest film, Monte Tropic (2022), in conversation with Место на земле (Artur Aristakisian, 2001).

  • Wednesday 23 November, 4 pm to 6 pm
  • Sala Raval CCCB
  • Onsite masterclass: €12
  • Accredited professionals: €10
  • Online masterclass: €10
  • Masterclass and screening of Monte Tropic and Место на земле: €18
  • No prior knowledge required
  • The masterclass will be given solely in Spanish
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Andrés Duque
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