18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

Portabella cotidiano



In his examinations of everyday life, avant-garde filmmaker Pere Portabella eschews all notions of a cinema of manners in favour of an aesthetic and political conception of filmmaking linked to stripped-down narratives, silences and idle moments. By reshaping Georges Perec’s text Un homme qui dort, this video essay explores Portabella’s unique universe and strikes up dialogues with images by Perec, Luis Buñuel, Chantal Akerman and Jim Jarmusch.


Ramon Balcells is a filmmaker, researcher and teacher. His production company Cortado Films develops a wide range of his artistic projects, from short films to installations. His shorts have been screened at festivals such as l’Alternativa, Filmadrid, D’A Film Festival and Montreal Underground Film Fest. Since 2019 he has taught audiovisual theory and practice at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He also coordinates the course in film editing at La Casa del Cine film school. His main lines of reseach are avant-garde filmmaking and everyday life. He is a member of the Laboratorio: Historia(s) de la experimentación en el cine project, coordinated by Andrés Duque at Santa Mònica art centre in Barcelona.