18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

Project Development Lab

Cinema Pendent


The directors, screenwriters and producers of four fiction documentary or hybrid feature-film projects at the development stage will be selected to take part in this four-day lab to work on concept, structure, narrative development and cinematic style. Participants will use interactive and participatory methodologies to help give filmmakers and producers a better grasp and deeper understanding of their own projects and equip them with a work plan for later development.

Pau Subirós is a screenwriter, director and producer. His films El código interior (2020) and La clàusula Balcells (2019) and his screenplays for Staff Only (2019) and La plaga (2013) has won him a number of awards in Spain and further afield, including two Gaudí Awards (Best Film and Best Screenplay) for La plaga.

El productor accidental (The Accidental Producer, Anagrama, 2015), his narrative essay about the world of independent filmmaking, has become adopted as a benchmark manual on many courses on how to go about producing films. He currently combines filmmaking projects with teaching classes for the BA in Audiovisual Communication at UPF, les col·laboracions a mitjans de comunicació i la consultoria de guió.

  • Viernes 18 de noviembre, de 16 a 20 h (tutorías individuales)
  • Sábado 19 de noviembre, de 12 a 14 y de 16 a 18 h (tutorías individuales)
  • Lunes 21 de noviembre, de 10 a 14 h
  • Martes 22 de noviembre, de 10 a 14 h
  • Aula 2 CCCB
  • Entry by appointment
Pau Subirós