18 - 24 November 2013
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L'Alternativa Activities

Drawing Barcelona Workshop - Creating a group film with Maya Yonesho

L'Alternativa and El Meu Primer Festival have invited Maya Yonesho o Barcelona to create a group animation film in the same vein as her Daumenreise: Travel workshop, animated pieces based on small handheld drawings of subjects and aspects of the culture of a city with the actual city landscape as a backdrop. The director has carried out this group work with students, children and adults in Taiwan, Norway, Croatia, Israel, Poland, the United States and South Korea, among others; she has been to 15 counties since 2007.

The idea in Barcelona is to create a short film with 16 participants: eight children aged 8-12 and their respective parents or guardians. The workshop will be carried out at the CCCB and other venues in the city. Participants will have the chance to express a creative, intergenerational and intercultural perspective of the city of Barcelona. The final result will be screened at both festivals.

Japanese animation director Maya Yonesho was born in Hyogo in 1965. She currently teaches at Kyoto Seika University and makes independent animation films that have been screened and won awards at a number of international festivals and museums.


Day: Friday 15 to Sunday 17 November
Place: aula 1 at CCCB and other venues in the city
Participants: 8 children (aged 8-12) with 8 accompanying adults
Price: ¤20 (1 child + 1 adult)
Information and reservations: [email protected] | +34 933 023 553

You can also see a selection of films by Maya Yonesho in l'Alternativa Hall.

El Meu Primer Festival is also running a stop motion workshop and two sessions of screenings in the Small Experiments section in l'Alternativa Parallel.

In collaboration with El Meu Primer Festival and Japan Foundation.

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