18 - 24 November 2013
Stop Motion workshop Stop Motion workshop

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Stop Motion Workshop

Animation is the joy of movement. It's about making a drawn character, doll or any other object come to life through a sequence of static images. We see movement that isn't really there thanks to the phenomenon of the persistence of vision: when we are presented with a series of similar images at a fast enough rate, our eyes and brain link them together and, as if by magic, they create movement. Stop motion is the animation technique that brings objects and dolls to life.

After being introduced to the basic principles of animation (based on optical toys), the children will create a doll made out of simple wood and wire structures and customise it with different objects and recycled materials so they can to animate it.

By putting themselves in the shoes of stop motion animators, the children will come up with their own short story based on the characters they've created and two sets: a city and a forest. Shot by shot, with the help of cameras and computers, we'll record our films. And to finish, we'll turn off the lights and enjoy what we've done!

This workshop is run by I+G Stop Motion, a studio specialising in animated dolls that was set up in Barcelona over eight years ago. Its work has been selected for over 1000 festivals worldwide and it has over 100 prizes under its belt, including a Gaudí Award, a Goya nomination and a Silver Méliès Award at Sitges Festival.


Day: Sunday 24 November
Time: 10 am to 11.30 am
Place: Sala Raval, CCCB
Age: for children aged 6 and upwards
Price: ¤3
Information and reservations: [email protected] | +34 933 023 553

El Meu Primer Festival is running a family animation workshop with Maya Yonesho, whose films are being screened in l'Alternativa Hall, and there are two sessions of screenings for children in the Small Experiments section in l'Alternativa Parallel.

In collaboration with El Meu Primer Festival.

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