18 - 24 November 2013
Arṛs Movie © Roc Herms Arṛs Movie © Roc Herms

L'Alternativa Activities

Debate: The Arṛs Movie Experience

Is this a time of change when culture can forge more democratic paths ahead? Or are we heading towards the industrialisation of all forms of cultural expression? Above and beyond any theoretical reflections, is there any sustainable model for cultural production today?

The Arṛs Movie project set out to explore different ways of making films by experimenting with the new social and technological realities it discovered on its journey and by pioneering ideas such as crowdfunding, transmedia projects and the creative commons philosophy, among others.

Members of the Arṛs Movie team will talk about their experience to help frame a debate between guest professionals and festivalgoers that is aimed more at sharing experiences than drawing any firm conclusions.

Thursday 21 November, 7 pm, Sala Raval, CCCB

Free admission. Places are limited

To tie in with this activity, on Friday 22 November there will be a screening on Friday the 22nd of the film El ball del vetlatori (The Wake Dance), made through the Arṛs Movie production process, as part of the l'Alternativa Hall programme.

In collaboration with Compartir Dóna Gustet.