18 - 24 November 2013
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L'Alternativa Activities

Film School Workshops

Since 2008 the Film Schools section has packed the auditorium at the CCCB with young (and not-so-young) people fascinated by past and future filmmaking techniques and languages.

This meeting space encourages people to exchange experience and expertise and enriches students' and teachers' audiovisual education. There are also Film Schools screenings in l'Alternativa Hall.

Wednesday 20 November

Auditori, CCCB (11 am to 1 pm)
Estudio de cine

Transmedia Creation
In the 21st century filmlovers have acquired new audiovisual habits linked to social networks. Transmedia projects spread out across different platforms, where each part uniquely complements the others to create and share a narrative universe for spectators/players/users. The use of different platforms creates different access points so consumers can take part and co-create content.

Speaker: Daniel Resnich

Thursday 21 November

Auditori, CCCB (11 am to 1 pm)
Māster en Teoria i Prāctica del Documental Creatiu de la UAB

Drawn Reality
Documentary filmmaking continues to break the mould and make forays into unexpected territories, moving further and further away from the traditional conception of a documentary. Three major opportunities have opened up: interactive documentaries, animated documentaries and documentary graphic novels. These groundbreaking possibilities call for a rethinking of the characteristics of what we call documentary, whose underlying realism is now better prepared to contemplate and show the complexity of real life.

Speakers: Josep M. Catalā, Mario Torrecillas y Marcelo Dematei

Free entrance. Limited places. Groups: please book beforehand.
Information and reservations: Patricia Sánchez

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