Diletante is Kris Niklison’s debut film, and she has created a singular portrait of eighty-year-old Bela Jordán, who is the kind of woman who makes you look forward to reaching that ripe age. She’s agile, lucid and has plenty of stories and opinions to share… (“If you can have fun by yourself you will have fun your whole life”). Bela also happens to be the filmmaker’s mother and the result is both an intimate and rigorous film. Diletante won Best Argentinean film award at Mar de Plata and screens at l’Alternativa on Thursday 19th November.

“Trabajando en mi anterior documental, Trópico de Cáncer (2004), estuve en el desierto de San Luis Potosí con familias pobres que sobreviven sacando animales muertos del desierto y vendiendo las pieles de la fauna del lugar como serpientes y ratas. Al convivir con estas familias me di cuenta de lo importante que son los niños, pues siempre colaboran en algo. De ahí surgió mi inquietud de construir una pieza en la que se viera cómo los más pequeños son el motor generador que hace que las familias más pobres sigan adelante gracias a sus ganas de sobrevivir” comenta el director, Eugenio Polgovsky, desde Venecia.

Compartimos el trailer con vosotros. Los Herederos, 2008

Adhen / Dernier maquis is Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche’s third feature (following Wesh wesh, qu’est-ce qui se passe? (2002) and Bled Number One (2006)). The film explores themes of work, religion, politics and above all the complexities of life, asking questions and inviting debate. The film screened at Cannes, (where Sean Penn, President of the Jury, claimed it was the most important political film at the festival), Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver film festivals, and has been released in France to critical acclaim. The film will be screened in competition at l’Alternativa on Sunday 15th November 2009.

Politist, adjectiv is one of the eight films screening in the feature film competition at l’Alternativa this year and will receive its Catalan premiere at the festival. The film won the Certain Regard prize at Cannes and is a powerful deadpan meditation on authority and moral conscience, as well as seriously redefining the boundaries of the cop movie. Corneliu Porumboiu will be attending the festival to present the film on Wednesday 18th November, as well as participating in activites related to the section dedicated to Romanian film, which includes a roundtable on Tuesday 17th November.