“Mi propósito es construir puentes entre las personas, ayudarles a conocerse. Creo que la ignorancia es la gran responsable del miedo y la exclusión que llevan al conflicto, al racismo y a todas las formas de ostracismo. Me resulta, pues, importante trabajar en esta dirección y tratar de crear en mis films un lenguaje universal, que trate todo aquello que conecta a las personas con la vida”

Dalila Ennadre

Dalila Ennadre presentará su film J’ai tant aimé… en el auditorio del CCCB este sábado, 14 de noviembre. A partir del lunes y hasta el jueves se proyectarán sus documentales en el Instituto Francés a las 20:30h y el viernes a las 20h en el Fnac.  


Adhen / Dernier maquis is Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche’s third feature (following Wesh wesh, qu’est-ce qui se passe? (2002) and Bled Number One (2006)). The film explores themes of work, religion, politics and above all the complexities of life, asking questions and inviting debate. The film screened at Cannes, (where Sean Penn, President of the Jury, claimed it was the most important political film at the festival), Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver film festivals, and has been released in France to critical acclaim. The film will be screened in competition at l’Alternativa on Sunday 15th November 2009.

Gabbla / Inland by Tariq Teguia will receive its Spanish premiere in the feature film competition at l’Alternativa. The film was awarded the FIPESCI prize at the Venice film Festival, and then screened successfully at Rotterdam, Juanju, Seattle and Guadalajara film festivals, before being released in France to rave reviews. Inland reflects the contradictory political situation of present-day Algeria through Malek, a reclusive topographer who accepts a commission to survey a remote part of western Algeria. With a minimalist approach to plot and dialogue, and mesmerising cinematography, these present-day realities are interspersed with flashbacks of idealistic political debate, set against a soundtrack that mixes alternative rock, Nigerian Afrobeat and Algerian Rai. Screening Saturday 14th November 2009.