20 - 25 November 2012
Create Your Own Short

Parallel Activities

Create Your Own Short! Hands-on animation workshop

This workshop ties in with the Small Experiments Parallel Section, which is designed to open children's eyes to different filmmaking resources and languages and equip them with the necessary tools to analyse films as critical, thoughtful viewers.

The Create Your Own Short workshop gives children a hands-on opportunity to get an idea of the creative process behind animation films and make their own 1-minute short. After a practical introduction to the optical effects involved in animation explained using optical toys, the children will get together to make a 1-minute cartoon drawn and animated entirely by them. The result will be screened at the festival and uploaded to partner websites.

El Meu Primer Festival is also holding two screenings as part of the Small Experiments Parallel Section at l'Alternativa 2012.

In collaboration with El Meu Primer Festival.

Create Your Own Short


Day: Sunday 25 November
Time: 11.00 to 12.30 am
Place: CCCB Hall
Age: 7 and upwards
Price: 3
Information and registration: 93 302 3553, Create Your Own Short!