20 - 25 November 2012
Father and Daughter

Parallel Sections

Small Experiments

El Meu Primer Festival is a small festival designed to open children’s eyes to the weird and wonderful world of audiovisual creation. Besides blockbuster animations there are many other small films that enrich the audiovisual landscape and spark children’s imagination.

One of the festival’s most successful initiatives has been its two-year partnership with the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l’Alternativa. This year we are presenting not only the experimental Small Experiments session, but also the Great Masters of Animation session designed to open young eyes to little-known work by acclaimed animators.

El Meu Primer Festival is also holding a hands-on animation workshop (Create Your Own Short!) to tie in with these Parallel Sections.

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Father and Daughter
La mare aux têtards

Small Experiments session,
for children aged 5 and upwards

Saturday 24 November, noon, CCCB Auditorium, 55 min

A creative combination of short films made using different techniques that play with evocative contents, stories and atmospheres. Productions from here and around the world with a sharp sense of humour and a rare beauty.

Selected Films

En la ópera (At the Opera)
Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina)

Saari “Blau”
Verónica Lassenius (Spain)

Punkt & Striche (Dot & Dash)
Jesús Pérez (Switzerland)

Erik van Schaaik (Germany)

En el meu cap (In My Head)
Verónica Lassenius (Spain)

Ljubljana Kva? (Ljubljana, What?)
Maya Yonesho (Slovenia / Japan)

Petits joueurs (Little Players)
Bruno Collet (France)

Bonequinha do papai (Daddy's Baby Doll)
Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet - Birdo Studio (Brazil)

Das Haus (The House)
David Buob (Germany)

La mère aux têtards (The Tadpool)
Guillaume Delaunay (France)

The Birds from the Pink Laurels Avenue
Jean-Luc Charles (France)

The Little Red Plane
Charlotte Blacker (United Kingdom)

The Monk and the Fish

Great Masters of Animation session,
for children aged 7 and upwards

Sunday 25 November, 12.30 pm, CCCB Auditorium, 60 min

A programme of shorts designed to introduce young children to inspiring works of art from the world of animated filmmaking across the decades. These films have travelled the globe, yet remain largely unknown. In this session we invite you to discover Danish animator Jannik Hastrup (and his shorts on jazz), Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli (with a classic Italian TV series), and Michel Ocelot’s lesser-known artistic side.

Selected Films

La linea (episodio 8) (Lineman (Episode 8))
Osvaldo Cavandoli (Italy)

Dream a Little Dream of Me
Jannik Hastrup (Denmark)

Father and Daughter
Michaël Dudok de Wit (Netherlands / Belgium / United Kingdom)

Les trois inventeurs (The Three Inventors)
Michel Ocelot (France)

La linea (episodio 127) (Lineman (Episode 127))
Osvaldo Cavandoli (Italy)

A Night in Tunisia
Jannik Hastrup (Denmark)

The Monk and the Fish
Michaël Dudok de Wit (Netherlands)

Frederick Back (Canada)

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