20 - 25 November 2012
La casa Emak Bakia

Official Sections


The Official Sections aim to showcase international independent filmmaking from the last two years. They bring a wide range of striking contemporary films to Barcelona, introducing new directors and little-known films from the current audiovisual scene.

L'Alternativa champions original filmmaking that experiments with different styles and tackles different subjects - films that eagerly explore the world we live in.

The selected films will compete in two sections:

  1. Feature Films
  2. Short Films

This year, a total of 7.000 will be awarded in cash prizes, split between the two competition categories: 5.000 for Best Feature Film and 2.000 for Best Short Film. In addition, festivalgoers will decide the winner of the Audience Award for Best Short Film.

The prizes will be awarded by six professionals on the feature film jury and the short film jury.

La casa Emak Bakia