20 - 25 November 2012
Image Recycling Workshop

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Image Recycling Workshop

This initiative delves into the material we store away in boxes or edit but then never present. The aim is to unlock the wealth of practical and philosophical opportunities offered by this material and explore the issue of the meaningless accumulation of images.

Aimed at those interested in narrative order - conventional or otherwise - in the audiovisual world, and those who are keen not to lose the stray images they created.

Theoretical ideas of accumulation, rescue and loss.
Storming of images with no narrative connection to find those that will survive.
Brainstorming to give meaning to the selected images.
Screenplay based on the images seen.

Material required
Participants should bring a sequence (or set of individual shots) lasting no more than two minutes that has some emotional value for them.

In collaboration with the Universidad Veracruzana

Image Recycling Workshop


Fusion of existing materials
Unsuccessful personal material combined with time lapses made by a young film student lead to an exploration of narration, a mixing rehearsal and a second life for the images.


Stories without images / Images without a story
We write a screenplay and plan a shoot around existing material - images valued for their impact but which didn't set out to narrate anything - in order to give them a language and narrative-emotional meaning.


Given by: Ricardo Benett
Days: Thursday 22 and Friday 23 November
Time: 5-9 pm
Place: Sala Mirador, CCCB
Price: ¤20
Limited places. Maximum number of participants: 25 people
Information: Patricia Sánchez

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