16-29 NOV. 2020
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Hall Short Shorts


Well, it’s time to put you out of your misery and reveal the eagerly awaited results . . . 

We’ve been counting votes by the sackful—who ever would have thought your short shorts would have whipped people up into such as frenzy!

Aw shucks, folks, we’re TICKLED PINK with the response: our playlist has had nearly 3,000 views (2,966 to be precise).

So, without any further ado . . .


Passejada per museu, by Albert López Ricart, has won First Prize (a golden ticket to golden-boy Guillermo G. Peydró’s scintillating seminar), with 41.7% of the 835 votes cast (that’s 348 votes).


Second Prize (two festival passes) goes to . . .


Solitude, by Mar Teixidor, with 47.5% of the votes cast (that’s 230 votes).


Congratulations to Albert and Mar—we hope you enjoy your prizes. And, once again, many thanks to all of you for submitting your short shorts!

(Applause and fireworks)

The 10 short shorts shortlisted for 1st prize

Efímero (Jose Donis) · The First Sentence (Grégoire Verbeke) · Graffiti (Rick Niebe) · Long Live Mountains (Alisi Telengut) · Madeleines (Laura Ginès) · Material (Dustin Guerri) · La paradoja de Esopo (Megan Riobó Báez) · Passejada per museu (Albert López Ricart) · Tag (Nia Torres & Jose Donis) · Vagina (Miriam Sánchez Manzano)

The 22 short shorts shortlisted for 2nd prize

Sticky Note Study #1 (Orange) (Trevor D. Byrne) · A mi vida (Irene Papiol) · Acordes de cercanía (Elda Isavelina Ortiz) · Aproximació a la Història de l'Art: Murillo (Jordi Fariñas) · Arte (Claudia Montes) · At the beach with Monica Vitti (Stuart Pound) · Casa Tomada (Clea Granados & Jose Masterton) · Ceci n'est pas un message (Francesca Svampa) · El último Tuno: PALOMINO (Josep Pascual) · Ella y el agua (Alba Bresolí) · Graffiti Vertical (Stuart Pound) · Improvisación a favor del MAR (Gonzalo Marcuzzi Iglesias) · Interconexión (Paulina Quiroz Navarro) · Los amantes rotos (Paloma Rodríguez & Ramón Cata) · Panot Rosa_Ensayo1 (Elda Isavelina Ortiz) · Prelude (Rick Niebe) · Ser obsesivo (Leyna Amly) · Solitude (Mar Teixidor) · Sunset Details (Adriana López Garibay) · Tea Master (Filip Nowak) · 1 minuto de ENDORA y sus vicios… (Gonzalo Marcuzzi Iglesias) · Sticky Note Study #2 (Pink) (Trevor D. Byrne)


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