EXPanded Cinema


We kick off this year’s l’Alternativa Hall screenings with a session on the weird and wonderful world of celluloid, with a series of films and performances exploring its creative and radical potential.

Eduardo Filippi and Bérénice Courtin’s one-off live projector performance De-coded is followed by the premiere of Antoni Pinent’s latest multiple-device project, i STiLL BELiEVE iN CELLULOiD [aka Film beyond Film], ably assisted by Maximiliano Viale. Antoni has returned from his travels to reveal the ins and outs of his remarkable new adventure.

Tuesday 17 November, 8.15 pm to 10 pm
Places are limited
Watch this space for details on how to sign up in advance

De-coded 17/11 (25')


Second World War. A machine created by the Polish resistance to break Nazi codes reveals hidden messages that predict the end of the end. A familiar story that leads us once again into the world of the hidden mysteries.

Film performance by Eduardo Filippi and Bérénice Courtin

Eduardo Filippi is an architect, performer and filmmaker who carries out his creative work in different fields of architecture, art, design and film. He currently works in Barcelona as project coordinator at Crater-Lab and is actively involved with a number of multidisciplinary projects.

Bérénice Courtin is a multidisciplinary artist with a keen interest in textile, audiovisual and performance art and a range of experience in immersive theatre, video art and installations. She is currently working on a project linked to her grandfather, Kazimierz Gaca, who was a member of the Polish resistance during the Second World War, as part of an experimental research process. She is also member of the London-based immersive theatre group Undergrowth Collective, whose work explores social and environmental issues.

i STiLL BELiEVE iN CELLULOiD 17/11 (75’)


Los Angeles, 2020
Signs of life . . . click, click . . . Something’s moving . . . Arghhhh!
Special announcement: CELLULOID IS (still) ALIVE!
It moves differently, in a way never seen before, with a spring in its step . . .
No longer shackled to projectors, unwieldy industrial machines, deadened audiences . . . perhaps in search of a new generation!
It has a strange presence, suggestive of more to be revealed. It’s finally broken free of its chains, shed its skin and lifted up its eyes to see beyond tired precepts. Let’s discover its hidden potential . . .  

We present Season 1 of i STiLL BELiEVE iN CELLULOiD [aka Film beyond Film]. Coming soon, much to everyone’s surprise and delight.

Antoni Pinent (Lleida, España/Cataluña, 1975) is a visual artist, media archaeologist, independent contemporary art curator, film programmer, curator, lecturer, producer and animated and experimental filmmaker. His work, which has been screened at festivals, cinematheques and art centres such as SFMOMA, San Francisco, and won awards from the Museum of Contemporary Cinema Foundation (New York, Paris, Madrid, 2008), is available in 35 mm, 16 mm and from Light Cone (Paris), Canyon Cinema (San Francisco), Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (Toronto) and HAMACA (Barcelona).

Maximiliano Viale (Córdoba, Argentina, 1978) is a qualified computer engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities (2011) and a Master’s Degree in Film Directing from Blanquerna University (2005). His experimental films, which have been screened at the East End Film Festival (London), National Gallery of Ireland (Dublin, 2008) and the Cinémathèque de Tanger (Morocco), include 22arroba, which formed part of the CCCB’s international travelling programme From Ecstasy to Rapture: 50 Years of Alternative Spanish Filmmaking (2009–2012).