Images and Insights with Homeless People

In keeping with our mission to raise the visibility of people and situations that society shuts its eyes to, this year’s focus is on homeless people in general and those sleeping on the streets of Barcelona in particular. We’ll be holding screenings and debates and teaming up with Learning by Helping and Arrels Fundació , with support from Cine en Acción film school, to run a Creative Film Lab for Social Change.

(Main photo: Juan Lemus/Arrels Fundació)

Creative Film Lab for Social Change

Creative Film Lab for Social Change

Over the course of eleven days, from Tuesday 10 November to Friday 20 November, we are inviting social innovation experts, documentary makers, members of NGOs and anyone else eager to do their bit to bring about positive change in society to come together to make a short documentary film on the issues faced by homeless people. After discussing their ideas with members and users of Arrels Fundació, the teams of participants will be equipped with the practical and theoretical tools to create their own short film, under the expert guidance of teachers, mentors, producers and editors. The results will be screened at l'Alternativa Hall Focus on Friday 20 November at 7.30 pm.

If we want to see a new reality, let’s start creating it now!

Screenings 20/11 - 7.30 pm


In addition to the short documentary films made by participants at the Creative Film Lab, we’ll be kicking things off with a screening of the medium-length film El camino de Lupita, a participatory documentary made with in people with firsthand experience of living on the street and produced by The Missing City Stars in collaboration with Arrels Fundació.

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