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Call for entries for the 8th Mentoring Projects

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Project Information
Please state if the title is only provisional.
If there is no dialogue, please state so.
Please state what the project and filmmakers need and what you hope to gain from the Cinema Pendent activities.
Orientation: landscape.
Formats allowed: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.
Size: 1800 px wide x 1000 px high (300 dpi).
Max size: 2 MB.
Teaser, trailer, sequence, first cut, etc. We do not accept links with an expiry date or downloadable archives.
Please include any additional documentation (treatment, statement of intent, letters of interest, commitments undertaken, agreements signed, possible coproducers, finance plan, list of cast and crew or any other relevant information), in a single PDF file no bigger than 10 MB.
We are aware that ongoing projects may well go through a number of changes over the course of the selection process. Please keep us updated or send us further information at All documentation should clearly indicate where any changes have been made and should be sent in files no bigger than 10 MB.
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Formats allowed: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.
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