18 - 24 November 2013
PFFFHP TT! (Deborah S. Phillips)

L'Alternativa Hall


Deborah S. Phillips
Germany, 2012
| 5 min | Colour | German, English | VOSC

Production: Deborah S. Phillips
Photography: Deborah S. Phillips
Animation: Deborah S. Phillips
Editor: Deborah S. Phillips
Music: Ruth Wiesenfeld
Sound: Ruth Wiesenfeld

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I wanted to take care of Jack the cat. The roads were clear so I got on my bike and rolled down Thomasstraße. Red light, two cars – so I hit the brakes. Only now I can't get up and can't move...


EMAF 2012
Oberhausen 2012
New Horizons 2012
LEO Award for best use of sound in a short film - Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig 2012