18 - 24 November 2013
La pau Wim Mertens (Mercè Puig) Barri de verdures (Alumnos de la Escola Cervantes (III-VI)) Nou Barris, Europa (Joves de Deu a Una, Escola Popular de Cinema) L'Univers veurà la llum? (Mariona Omedes, los alumnos de la escuela) Qüestió vital (Francesc Villaubi, Carlos de Pablo) La Quinta del Chavolo, los habitantes de la cárcel de jóvenes (Albert, Ismael, Moktar, Yassine, Samir, Eduardo, Julián)

L'Alternativa Hall


Initiatives that work with audiovisual education and training as a tool for knowledge, reflection and criticism. A series of talks and screenings will present five projects all created using participatory vídeo but from very different perspectives and contexts: school, prison, an old people’s home in Barcelona and the suburbs of major European cities. The possibilities are surprising and endless.

Escola Àngel Baixeras (30')THU21

Films made during the computer hour with fourth-year primary pupils. This term’s project was called Fem Pel·lícules (Let’s Make Films!), so we thought of things we do at school every day that we could turn into a film. We made films of us leaving the house, going down the stairs, writing on the board. We all learnt a lot from this exciting project, children and teachers alike!.

La pau Wim Mertens (The Wim Mertens Peace)
Mercè Puig (Spain)

La pissara màgica (The Magic Board)
Anna Queralt, nens/es 4t Primària (Spain)

In collaboration with Escola Àngel Baixeras

Escola Popular de Cinema (45')SAT23

The Escola Popular de Cinema is a nonformal educational audiovisual project using participatory vídeo geared towards social networks in working-class neighbourhoods in the city. It runs vídeo workshops with at-risk groups throughout Barcelona and is in constant contact with other workshops across Europe with the goal of using film as an artistic tool for change and social inclusion.

Barri de verdures (Vegetable Street)
Alumnos de la Escola Cervantes (III-VI) (Spain)

Retratos de Nou Barris (Portraits of Nou Barris)
Joves de Deu a Una / Escola Popular de Cinema (Spain)

Nou Barris, Europa (Nou Barris, Europe)
Joves de Deu a Una, Escola Popular de Cinema (Spain)

Bruselas: creatividad vs. crisis (Brussels: Creativity vs Crisis)
autores regards2banlieue.eu (Belgium / Spain / France / Italy)

Padua, Europa (Padua, Europe)
Autores regards2banlieue.eu (Belgium / Spain / France / Italy)

In collaboration with Escola Popular de Cinema

Escola Univers and Nueve Ojos (30')TUE19

By talking to children, we discovered the Escola Univers in the Gràcia neighbourhood of Barcelona, a school with small playgrounds and huts instead of classrooms that has been waiting years to be built. We discovered that the children don’t know when they’ll have the school they were promised and can’t understand why their parents are always having to stand up for their rights. A sharply ironic look through the innocent eyes of children with a healthy dose of humour.

L'Univers veurà la llum? (Will Univers see the light?)
Mariona Omedes, los alumnos de la escuela (Spain)

In collaboration with Nueve Ojos

Espai de gent gran de Sant Antoni and Talatala (30')WED20

For the last four years the Aula Audiovisual at the Espai de Gent Gran de Sant Antoni old people’s home has been doing great work with the audiovisual production company Talatala to help residents use new technologies to make their own films and express their own vision of situations and events or simply make short fictional films.

L’espill, somni o realitat? (The Mirror, Dream or Reality?)
Joan Dominguez, Frederic Ferrer, Vicens Catala, Kima Gabriel (Spain)

Qüestió vital (A Question of Life)
Francesc Villaubi, Carlos de Pablo (Spain)

In collaboration with Talatala

RUIDO Photo (45')FRI22

RUIDO Photo is a platform for making independent documentaries with a staunch social and cultural commitment, understood as a thought-provoking tool for bringing about social change. Based in Barcelona, it works worldwide, centring on three interrelated fields of action: research and documentation; training and promotion; and community action plans. It works in well-defined areas: migration, conflicts and violence.

La Quinta del Chavolo, los habitantes de la cárcel de jóvenes (The Chavolo Group, Residents at a Youth Detention Centre)
Albert, Ismael, Moktar, Yassine, Samir, Eduardo, Julián (Spain)

In collaboration with RUIDO Photo

All L'Alternativa Hall screenings are free of charge.

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