18 - 24 November 2013
Countdown (Maya Yonesho) Winter Days (exerpt) (Maya Yonesho) Nishi iru Higashi iru (Maya Yonesho) El ball del vetlatori (Marquet (Marc Sempere Moya)) Your Lost Memories (Alejandro Marzoa, Miguel Angel Blanca)

L'Alternativa Hall

Hall Invites

Maya Yonesho (45')TUE19

Born in Hyogo, Japan, she has an MFA and makes experimental animation synchronised with languages, sounds, music and real landscapes. Her films reflect her life in different places: Introspection was made in the UK; Üks Uks, in Estonia; and Wiener Wuast, in Austria. She works as an independent animation director, teaches at several schools in Japan and holds workshops worldwide.

Don't You Wish You Were Here?
Maya Yonesho (Japan)

Maya Yonesho (Japan / United Kingdom)

Believe In It
Maya Yonesho (Japan)

Learn to Love
Maya Yonesho (Japan)

Maya Yonesho (Japan)

Winter Days (exerpt)
Maya Yonesho (Japan)

Üks Uks
Maya Yonesho (Japan / Estonia)

Wiener Wuast
Maya Yonesho (Japan / Austria)

Nishi iru Higashi iru (Kyoto Mix)
Maya Yonesho (Japan)

Maya Yonesho (Japan / Estonia)

In collaboration with Japan Foundation

Arrňs Movie (45' show + 76' screening)FRI22

The Compartir Dóna Gustet collective explores the boundaries of popular culture. Their Arrňs Movie project does so using a cinematic language closely linked to the cultural industry. Their transmedia feature film, El ball del vetlatori (The Wake Dance) - which tells the story of a popular Mediterranean Basin dance that for many years was banned and its practitioners hounded - was made through crowdfunding following the creative commons philosophy.

El ball del vetlatori (The Wake Dance)
Marquet (Marc Sempere Moya) (Spain)

In collaboration with Compartir Dóna Gustet

Your Lost Memories (45' call "5S8" + 62' screening)THU21

Your Lost Memories is a virtual office of lost memories: it was born when we discovered amateur 8 mm movies in flea markets and second-hand shops all around the world. Celluloid images of weddings, birthday parties, grad parties and holidays. Who wants to miss their memories? We aim to look for all those lost 8 mm movies around the world, find their original owners and give them back their memories.

Your Lost Memories
Alejandro Marzoa, Miguel Angel Blanca (Spain)

In collaboration with Your Lost Memories

All L'Alternativa Hall screenings are free of charge.

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