18 - 24 November 2013
Astigmatismo (Nicolai Troshinsky) end, end, end (Jonathan Rattner) Aequador (Laura Huertas Millán) Ring People (Alfredo Covelli) Helical (Ulysse de Maximy) Things Don't Fit (Tim Divall) Espacio Moneda (Ximena Pereira) Gloria Victoria (Theodore Ushev) Spettrografia di una battaglia (Fabio Scacchioli, Vincenzo Core) Giving Me a Chance (Gina Thorstensen, Nacho Rodríguez) A Place in the Sun (Miguel Maldonado Caparrós) Aula Magna (Andrés Denegri)

L'Alternativa Hall

Hall Selects

This section comprises 6 programmes put together exclusively for l'Alternativa Hall following different thematic or stylistic threads or pure intuition. A rich tapestry of international films and vídeos for all audiences, though perhaps not for all tastes. Eccentricities, conviction, genius, documentary, criticism, humour, observation and intimate visions. Pure eclecticism for curious eyes.

Strange Echoes (81')TUE19 SAT23

People searching (for themselves) in a forest of hazy possibilities. Echoes of oddities from the threshold between shattered certainties and the world of dreams.

Astigmatismo (Astigmatism)
Nicolai Troshinsky (Spain)

Que je tombe tout le temps ? (That I'm falling?)
Eduardo Williams (France)

Valerie Massadian (France / United States)

Tomasz Popakul (Poland)

John Skoog (Sweden)

Kawai+Okamura (Japan / France)

end, end, end
Jonathan Rattner (United States)

Edgy Images

Images from the edge that twist their way through faraway, forgotten (and often undesirable) realities. Geographical and personal paths forged by survivors in hostile worlds.

SESSION 1 (31')TUE19 FRI22

Zima / Зима (Winter)
Cristina Picchi (Russia)

Laura Huertas Millán (France / Colombia)

SESSION 2 (79')TUE19 SUN24

Ring People
Alfredo Covelli (United States / Italy)

Pasaje (Passage)
Albert Lozano (Spain)

Aquells joves (Those Young Ones)
Ferran Andrés Martí (Spain)

SESSION 3 (68')WED20 FRI22

Le Pendule de Costel (Costel's Pendulum)
Pilar Arcila (France)

Laugh? I Nearly Died... (38')TUE19 THU21 SUN24

Sit back and enjoy. Brilliant flashes of imagination distilled into seven pieces with a wicked sense of humour.

Elegie (Elegy)
Julia Kaiser (Netherlands)

Comme des lapins (Chroniques de la poisse, chap. 2) (Like Rabbits (Sticky Ends, Ch. 2))
Osman Cerfon (France)

Steven Subotnick (United States)

Ulysse de Maximy (Canada)

Raquel Sancinetti (Canada)

La Maison d'Olga (Olga's House)
Morgane Le Péchon (France)

Things Don't Fit
Tim Divall (United Kingdom)

More Wood...

...it’s war! Large wars, small wars. Past, present, manifest and undercover wars. Films that come at you head on.

SESSION 1 (51')WED20

Espacio Moneda (By La Moneda)
Ximena Pereira (Chile / Venezuela)

Pixel Power
Ernest Chamberlain (United Kingdom)

Not Clear Cut
Paul Turano (United States)

SESSION 2 (50')THU21 SUN24

Cartas al mar (Sea of Letters)
Julien Telle (France / Spain / France)

Gloria Victoria
Theodore Ushev (Canada)

Oficiales de reserva (Reserve Officers)
Gonzalo Egurza (Argentina)

Fuera de serie (A Very Special Episode)
María Cañas (Spain)

On Mating and other Tales (57')WED20 FRI22

A series of bittersweet, zesty variations on the tales we’re told and those we tell ourselves.

Giving Me a Chance
Gina Thorstensen, Nacho Rodríguez (Spain / Australia)

The Birds
Bena Dam (United States)

Spettrografia di una battaglia (Spectrography of a Battle)
Fabio Scacchioli, Vincenzo Core (Italy)

Lodden Land
Gina Thorstensen (Denmark / Spain)

Im Rahmen (Framed)
Evgenia Gostrer (Germany)

Todo se puede (Everything's Possible)
Elias Belkeddar (France / France)

Adelshingst (The Noble Stud)
Sofia Priftis, Linus Hartin (Sweden)

Frame by Frame (48')THU21

Light and Dark, Disquiet and Tenderness, Nostalgia & Co. unfurl right before your very eyes to reveal delicate textures from times gone by. Nine pieces that simply ooze poetry.

Janie Geiser (United States)

A Place in the Sun
Miguel Maldonado Caparrós (Spain)

Lydia Nsiah (Austria)

Reencuentro (Reunion)
Jeymer Gamboa (Costa Rica / Argentina)

Tudor Village: A One-Shot Deal
Rhayne Vermette (Canada)

Aula Magna
Andrés Denegri (Argentina)

The Sight
Jeremy Moss (United States / Canada)

Imaginario (Imaginarium)
Jeymer Gamboa (Argentina / Costa Rica)

Deborah S. Phillips (Germany)

All L'Alternativa Hall screenings are free of charge.

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