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Tabla aerobica

A selection open to ideas with very different origins, contents, aims, style...

All Hall Screen screenings are on video and free of charge.

Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible Filme Sozialak (15’)
A festival that reveals images not likely to be seen on most screens: ideas, criticism, social commitment, values and realities from all over the world.

Lost (Perdido)
Alberto Dorado Aceñero (Spain / Somalia, 2009)

Arròs movie (15’)
The Compartir Dóna Gustet collective presents this audiovisual project based on the concept of collective finance.


Playtime Audiovisuales (60’)
Audiovisual creation and promotion platform that organises the travelling film festival Playtime so that everything that deserves to be seen can find its space. Found Footage programme.

Gerard Freixes (Spain, 2008)

Jean Claude Van Dance
Left Hand Rotation (Spain, 2008)

La Cosa Nuestra
María Cañas (Spain, 2006)

Matar a Hitchcock
Alberto Cabrera (Spain, 2008)

Nif Fin
Albert Alcoz (Spain, 2007)

Tabla aeróbica nº4 (Entrenamiento para pintores)
Gonzalo de Pedro (Spain, 2007)

The End
Fernando Franco (Spain, 2007)

¿Quién puede matar a un hombre?
Enrique Piñuel (Spain, 2009)

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