Pantalla Hall promotes programme exchanges with likeminded festivals.

All Hall Screen screenings are on video and free of charge.

Punto y Raya Festival (30’)
Punto y Raya Festival, which has earned the title of “most abstract festival in the world”, explores the creative possibilities of dots and lines in various spheres of science, art and thought.

Laurie Gibbs (United Kingdom, 2006)

Colour Keys
David Daniels (United Kingdom, 2006)

Sabrina Schmid (United Kingdom, 2009)

Oliver Vogel (Germany, 2007)

Son of Puddle Jumper
Chris Casady (United States, 2008)


Cine Trans Europeo
A joint project between five European film festivals that aims to promote a different kind of cinema: complex, enigmatic, experimental filmmaking that spurns standards and norms.

Festival Signes de Nuit (38’)
A film festival that reflects new perspectives, original imaginations and critical approaches.

Cocais, a Cidade Reinventada
Inęs Cardoso (Brazil, 2008)

Guli Silberstein (Israel, 2008)

Tiao (Brazil, 2008)


EMAF. European Media Art Festival (46’)
One of the most influential forums for digital arts on the international scene.

Tim Shore (United Kingdom, 2008)

Ivo Burokvic- The Life Of The Fake Artist As A Young Business Model
Paul Wiersbinski (Germany, 2008)

Clorinde Durand (France, 2008)

Painting Paradise
Barbara Hlali (Germany, 2008)

Camille Verbunt (Netherlands, 2008)

Ulu Braun (Germany, 2009)

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AFX. Amsterdam Film eXperience (53’)
A festival centred on the new and fascinating forms of moving image art.

Echoing Spaces
Dennis H. Miller (United States, 2009)

Karel Doing (Netherlands, 2009)

F@Šk That
Oliver Conrad, Gian Klainguti (United States, 2008)

Sinus Aestum
Bret Battey (United Kingdom, 2009)

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Cork Film Festival (20’)
A benchmark festival in Ireland that features short films and the most experimental films.

Point of Departure
Maximilian Le Cain (Ireland, 2009)

Paddy Jolley (Ireland, 2009)

Wound Footage
Thorsten Fleisch (Germany, 2009)

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