L'Alternativa Proposes

L'Education Sentimentale

This section comprises eleven programmes put together exclusively by l'Alternativa for the Hall Screen: a rich tapestry of international films and videos for all audiences, although perhaps not for all tastes. Eccentricities, conviction, genius, documentary, criticism, humour, observation and intimate visions.

Pure eclecticism for curious eyes.

All Hall Screen screenings are on video and free of charge.

(Im)mobile Journeys (64’)
Meetings that open up worlds.

Žuti mjesec
Zvonimir Jurić (Croatia, 2009)

Journey on a Train
Fjodor Donderer (Germany, 2009)

Dragon Beach
Aada Sigurlina Niilola, Waimar Nyunt (Finland, 2010)

Madagascar, carnet de voyage
Bastien Dubois (France, 2009)


Strangers in Purgatory (50’)
Who's stranger? You or them?

Rami Hamze (Germany, 2009)

Lightning Strikes
Sönke Held (Germany, 2009)

El extraño
Víctor Moreno (Spain, 2009)

José Antonio
Marta Vilches (Spain, 2010)

Self Service
Silas Money (United Kingdom, 2010)

Si yo fuera tú, me gustarían los Cicatriz
Jorge Tur Moltó (Spain, 2010)

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Nostalgic Pranks (19’)
Games with referents from other times and today's ways.

The Homogenics
Gerard Freixes Ribera (Spain, 2010)

Volker Schreiner (Germany, 2010)

Claustro Fobia
Jesús Palop, Juan de Dios Marfil (Spain, 2009)

Nothing to Fear but Nothing Itself
Salise Hughes (United States, 2009)

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Messed-up Beasties (47’)
Twisted drawings and tightened screws.

Anna Blume
Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria, 2009)

Nichts zu danken
Moritz Menacher (Germany, 2009)

Pinja Partanen, Elli Vuorinen, Jasmiini Ottelin (Finland, 2009)

Les Ventres
Philippe Grammaticopoulos (France, 2009)

The Henhouse
Elena Pomares (United Kingdom, 2010)

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Poetry of Dimensions (48’)
Invocative words and parallel universes.

Félix Dufour-Laperrière (Canada, 2009)

The Snail on the Slope
Vladimir Todorovic (Serbia and Montenegro, 2009)

The Polish Language
Alice Lyons, Orla Mc Hardy (Ireland, 2009)

A Game of String
Magda Boreysza (United Kingdom, 2010)

Le vol des sens
Cine-Chico (France, 2009)

Erään hyönteisen tuho
Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen (Finland, 2010)

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Unique Paradises (69’)
Songs, balls and rivers.

Julija Gruodiene, Rimantas Gruodis (Lithuania, 2009)

Canção de amor e saúde
João Nicolau (Portugal, 2009)

Sárga Labda
Dániel Béres (Hungary, 2009)

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Square-shaped (22’)
The stories you can tell with squares!

Light Forms
Malcolm Sutherland (Canada, 2010)

Dictaphone Parcel
Lauri Warsta (United Kingdom, 2010)

Johan Rijpma (Netherlands, 2008)

Matthias Hoegg (United Kingdom, 2010)

Trois, quatre
Jean-Patrice Blanc (France, 2009)

Victoria, George, Edward & Thatcher
Callum Cooper (United Kingdom, 2010)

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More Wood... (program 1) (80’)
...it’s war! Films to watch head on.

Causa 661/52. La insolencia del condenado
Falconetti Peña (Spain, 2009)

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More Wood... (program 2) (51’)
...it’s war! Films to watch head on.

Colectivo Fotograma 24 (Portugal, 2010)

Cheval blême
Philippe Rouy (France, 2009)

What Comes Between
Cecilia Araneda (Canada, 2009)

Videomappings: Aida, Palestine
Till Roeskens (France, 2009)

Irma Ribera, Agustí Sousa. Estudi Homònim (Spain, 2009)

Cambio de guardia
Pilar Arcila (France / Colombia, 2010)

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Conflictive Legacies (67’)
Family matters, memories and expectations.

Tre ore
Annarita Zambrano (France, 2010)

Azar Saiyar (Finland, 2009)

J'attends une femme
Chiara Malta (France, 2010)

L'éducation sentimentale
Paul Bourgeois (France, 2009)

My Mother's Coat
Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits (United Kingdom, 2010)

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Take a Deep Breath (46’)
Films that cross a disturbing threshold.

Sound Over Water
Mary Helena Clark (United States, 2009)

Centepede Sun
Mihai Grecu (Romania, 2009)

...niland 1
Marius Leneweit, Rocío Rodríguez (Spain, 2009)

Im Ring
Alexandra Maurer, Elvira Isenring (Switzerland, 2009)

Douce nuit
Arnaud Gerber (France, 2010)

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Cut Off (44’)
Echoes of oddities.

May Tomorrow Shine The Brightest Of All Your Many Days As It Will Be Your Last
Ben Rivers, Paul Harnden (United Kingdom, 2009)

Mecanismo olvidador
Juan Camilo González (United States, 2009)

Brigid McCaffrey (United States, 2010)

Nadia Raïs (Tunisia, 2009)

Ego Sum Petrus
Julien Dexant (France, 2010)

Jean François
Tom Haugomat, Bruno Mangyoku (France, 2010)

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