Independent Film Network (IFN)

The Independent Film Network (IFN) is a space for international independent filmmaking professionals run by La Fábrica de Cine Alternativo.

It comprises an Internet portal where professionals can find information all year round on activities by La Fábrica and its members: festivals, awards, premieres, courses, etc. This portal also contains a database of professionals we have met at the Festival over the years.

During the Festival, the IFN accredits professionals (producers, distributers, curators and exhibitors) and offers them a space to watch the selected films, in parallel to the public screenings.

This year the IFN is also inviting film professionals in all areas to take part in the symposium From the Cinema to Home: the Internet and Independent Films, where they can debate, discuss and analyse the current models of distribution and exhibition with the aim of making the best independent and experimental films more accessible through VOD, online catalogues and streaming.