18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

Mulher como árvore



As Elva walks through life, roaming the countryside, she finds time between her daily chores to whisper letters to those who are no longer here. Mulher como árvore reflects the group of directors’ contrasting realities and their generational and artistic differences. Elva drew this motley crowd together and gave them a common goal: to make a film for her.


Mulher como árvore is a creative project by a group of directors from different countries with a wealth of filmmaking experience. Together they have made a number of feature films and shorts that have played at leading film festivals worldwide. The group is made up of Carmen Tortosa (España,1958), Alejandro Vázquez San Miguel (Madrid, 1976), Daniela Cajías (La Paz, 1981), Helder Faria (Switzerland, 1990) and Flávio Ferreira (Portugal, 1992).

Daniela Cajías is the first (and to date only) woman to win a Goya Award for Best Cinematography, for her work on Las niñas (Pilar Palomero, 2021). The daughter of Bolivian filmmakers, she studied photography in Buenos Aires and cinematography at EICTV, in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. She has also won awards for her work on La eterna noche de las doce lunas (Priscila Padilla, 2013) and As duas Irenes (Fabio Meira, 2017). Most recently, she shot the acclaimed Alcarràs (Carla Simón, 2022). She defines herself as a “mother, migrant and director of photography”.