18 NOV - 4 DEC 2022

Une vie comme une autre



Valérie always wanted to be free, but her life has been stuck in a rut for years. Her daughter, Faustine, searches for answers in the home movies her father made as she was growing up. Did something happen to her mother? What was it that drove her to feel so dejected? She sets out to reconstruct Valérie’s life by picking up a camera herself and asking her mother to tell her own story in her own words.
Faustine Cros delves into her mother’s life and creates an account of a time when women struggled to juggle a job and a family, and discovers how this particular woman’s dreams were shipwrecked after she became a mother. Little by little, drawing on the personal and the political, and thanks above all to her father’s videos, answers begin to emerge.


Faustine Cros (Belgium, 1988) graduated in film editing from the Institut national supérieur des Arts du Spectacle (INSAS), Brussels. Her work plays with hybrid forms combining documentary, autofiction and experimental, mixing her own images and family archives, while questioning genres and pushing boundaries. She has edited a number of shorts, features and music videos, and her graduation short, La Détesteuse (2015), won awards at several international festivals. Une vie comme une autre is her debut feature.

The film will be screened with Catalan subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH), and there will a Catalan Sign Language (CSL) interpreter on hand for the presentation and post-screening debate.