15 NOV - 5 DEC 2021

Canto cósmico. Niño de Elche



This film aims to answer two questions: What is flamenco? Who exactly is flamenco singer Niño de Elche? Both questions lead to the same answer: freedom. Niño de Elche challenged the rules of flamenco, which brought him into conflict with his family and earned him the ire of less adventurous flamenco fans. Forced to fight for his own freedom, he has got back to the very essence of flamenco.
“It's not so much about the path I've taken as who's come with me along the way.” This is how Paco Contreras, aka Niño de Elche, describes this documentary, which hears firsthand accounts from those who have had the greatest influence on him, from his family to regular collaborators, along with a wide range of writers and creators, including Israel Galván, C. Tangana, Los Voluble and Ramón Andrés, among others. A snapshot of modern-day culture in Spain.


Marc Sempere-Moya (Alicante) is a multidisciplinary artist who honed his keen interest in popular culture in the fields of music, philosophy, film and theatre. He was the leading actor and dialogue writer in Jo Sol's El taxista ful, which won an award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. He also produced, wrote, directed and starred in El ball del vetlatori, presented at l'Alternativa 2013.
Leire Apellaniz (Bilbao, 1975) is a filmmaker and producer who runs the production companies Sr. & Sra. and Apellaniz & De Sosa. She was head of the Technical Department at San Sebastian International Film Festival for 10 years. In 2016 she made her directorial debut with El último verano. As a producer, she is currently in preproduction of Lois Patiño's next film and in postproduction of Chema García Ibarra's feature film debut, Espíritu sagrado. In 2019 she premiered Ventajas de viajar en tren.