18 - 24 November 2013
El ball del vetlatori (Marquet (Marc Sempere Moya))

L'Alternativa Hall


El ball del vetlatori (The Wake Dance)
Marquet (Marc Sempere Moya)
Spain, 2013
Vídeo | 76 min | Colour | Catalan | VOSI

Production: Marta Figueras Cardona
Screenplay: Marquet
Photography: Dani Belza
Editor: Pablo Gil
Music: Marc Egea
Sound: Ferran López, Joan Alamar, Rafa Gisbert
Actors: Marquet, Anna Casas, Enriqueta Palacios, Ricardo Brotons, Dolo Martí Jover

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The wake dance was a ritual held all around the Mediterranean Basin since time immemorial. When a child died, the community would keep vigil over the body by singing and dancing. Through grief-stricken Tomás, this film explores social failings and the absence of tradition and the consequences for the community.