16-22 November 2015

Un encanteri (An Enchantment)

Lluís de Sola

Country: Spain
Year: 2014
Format: Digital
Length: 15 min
Image: BW
Language: Catalan, German
Subtitles: Spanish

Production company: A de Cinema
Producer: Lluís de Sola
Screenplay: Lluís de Sola
Photography: Lluís de Sola
Editor: Lluís de Sola
Music: Arcangelo Corelli, Bernard Herrmann, Arnold Schönberg
Sound: Lluís de Sola

Contact: info@adecinema.com

Presented by: Lluís de Sola


A tiny whisper relives, imagines and invents a trifling yet telling episode in the life of a small town in the south of France: a mysterious train of events set in place when a guy came to town to make a movie.


Lluís de Sola (Barcelona, 1981) is a filmmaker, camera operator and editor. He works for TV and makes films in his spare time. His last film, El pas del riu (2013), screened at l'Alternativa 2013.



  1. International Festival of Cinema Libre Hamburg
  2. Transient Visions New York