16-22 November 2015

Pedro M, 1981

Andreas Fontana

Country: Switzerland, Spain
Year: 2015
Format: Digital
Length: 27 min
Image: Colour
Language: Spanish

Production company: Terrain Vague, Laissez-faire
Producer: Marie-Eve Hildbrand, Andreas Fontana, María Gómez de Liaño
Screenplay: Andreas Fontana
Photography: Heidi Hassan
Editor: Louise Jaillette
Sound: Carlos Ibañez Diaz, Jorge Alarcón San José
Actors: Rafa Alberola Rubio, Javier Merino Merchán, Marina Saura

Contact: alicia@yaqdistribucion.com

Presented by: Andreas Fontana 17/11


Madrid. A woman goes in search of a father she never knew. Pedro Martín was the cameraman who filmed the abortive coup on 23 February 1981 live from the Spanish parliament.


Andreas Fontana (Geneva, 1982) studied comparative literature at the University of Geneva and film in Buenos Aires. He has worked as a translator, graphic designer and editor. His films include Va le chanter à Gardel (2008) and Cotonov Vanished (2009), screened at l'Alternativa



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